Friday, October 28, 2011

Kmart Summer Clearance!!! 99¢ Apparel = 90% savings!

OOP: $26.73 • (Retail: $273.24)

WOW!! All I can say is WOW!! Kmart has their summer apparel on clearance down to 99¢. Men, Women and kids! I went on 2 different days and the pictures above are my combined purchases. I had so much fun buying cute girl clothes for my niece! I then was able to pick up a handful of things for me and a few swim trunks for my son. I don't think the hubby would have worn anything available from the Men's department. Here is the retail breakdown:
Junior Bathing Suit Top $16.99   Junior Sweatshirt $19.99
Junior Bathing Suit Top $16.99   3T Swim Trunks 9.99
Junior Shorts (green) $10.00   4T Swim Trunks 9.99
Junior Shorts (gray) $12.00   4T Swim Trunks 9.99
Junior Shorts (black) $14.00      
Yellow Shorts $9.99   Blue Shorts 9.99
Coral Shorts $10.99   Polka Dot Leggings (no tag)
Tan Shorts $10.99   Blue Polka Dots Shorts $9.99
Pink Beach Umbrella Shirt $9.99   Hawaiian Print Shorts $2.48
Purple/Pink/Red Stripe Shirt $9.99   Red Love Onesie $3.98
Denim Capri Pants $12.99   Pink Glitter Butterfly Shirt $9.99
Blue iPod Bunny Shirt $8.99   Red White & Blue Tank Top $2.98
White Shirt with Butterfly $8.99   Blue Shirt with Yellow Flower $8.99
Bathing Suit $12.99   Blue Heart Shirt $8.99


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