Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kmart Super Doubles - Trip #1

2 Transactions – Total OOP: $3.38
Transaction #1CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Vaseline for Men Lotion$3.00$1.50$1.50FREE
BIC Silky Touch Razors$3.49$2.00$1.49FREE
Visine Eye Drops$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Visine Eye Drops$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Degree Men's deodorant$2.69$1.00$1.00$ .69
Lysol Neutra Air$2.67$1.50$1.17FREE
Renuzit Spray$1.89$1.50$ .89FREE
Starbucks Doubleshot$2.00$1.00$1.00FREE
Glaceau Smartwater$1.00$1.00/2$1.00FREE
Glaceau Smartwater$1.00FREE
Renu Travel Kit$3.69$2.00$2.00 FREE
Subtotal:$29.41Subtotal:$ .69
tax:.59tax$ .59
Retail Total:$30.00TOTAL OOP:$1.28
% Savings:95.7%
Transaction #2CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Vaseline Lotion$3.00$1.50$1.50FREE
Visine Eye Drops$3.99 $2.00$1.99FREE
Degree Men's deodorant$2.69 $1.00$1.00$ .69
Degree Men's deodorant$2.69$1.00$1.00$ .69
Lysol Neutra Air$2.67$1.50$1.17FREE
Scrubbing Bubbles Gel$3.50$2.00$1.50FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99FREE
tax:$ .75tax$ .75
Retail Total:$27.25TOTAL OOP:$2.13
% Savings:92.2%

I'm content with the idea that the only thing I actually paid anything for were the Degree deodorants (picky DH!). As a little bonus, the Vaseline lotion is one of those '30% more free' bottles, and the shavers had 4 bonus free shavers in it (14 for the price of 10)! I'm so annoyed though that I somehow lost the Free Scrubbing bubbles wand coupon. It was with the others, but I couldn't find it before checkout, so I didn't get the item. An average of about 93% savings. That feels pretty good.

I was really hoping Edge & Skinitmate would have been on sale to be free but unfortunately they were regular price at $2.79; so I was NOT buying any. *grumble*

I've got 4 or 5 more transactions I should be able to complete, I'll keep you posted!


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