Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart Doubles - Trip #2, #3 & #4

Transaction #1CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Dove Deodorant$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Dove Deodorant$3..99$2.00$1.99FREE
Visine Eye Drops$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Visine Eye Drops$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99 FREE
Ajax Dish Liquid $1.99$1.00$ .99 FREE
SB Toilet Gel $3.50$2.00$1.50FREE
SB 2-in-1 Kit $4.50FREE FREE
Reach Floss $1.69$1.00$ .69 FREE
Reach Floss $1.69$1.00$ .69 FREE
Reach Floss $1.69$1.00$ .69 FREE
Subtotal:$33.01Subtotal:$ 0
tax: .75tax$ .75
Retail Total:$30.00TOTAL OOP:$ .75
% Savings:97.7% (100%)
Transaction #2CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Act Mouthwash $4.49$1.00$1.00$2.49
Tag Body Spray $4.39 $2.00$2.00$ .39
Tag Body Spray $4.39 $2.00$2.00$ .39
Tag Soild $3.50$2.00$1.50FREE
Dove Deodorant$3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Dove Deodorant$3..99$2.00$1.99FREE
Reach Floss $1.69$1.00$ .69 FREE
tax:$ .86 tax$ .86
Retail Total:$27.30TOTAL OOP:$4.13
% Savings:85%

In transaction #1 all I paid was 75¢ in tax!!
Essentially 100% savings. The Scrubbing Bubbles kit was from coupon that you get Free when you buy the toilet gel.

In transaction #2 I didn't expect to pay OOP on the Tag Spray; the scent I bought was not on sale. (They were out of the 'red' which was apparently on sale)
DH needed the mouthwash, so I did expect to pay a little more for this transaction because of that.


Day #3 was a bit of a mishap, but not terrible. In the end it worked out in my favor.

Since it doesn't add up correctly, this is just a simple breakdown of what I got:
2 Act Mouthwash (2.49 each)
1 Softsoap body wash (free)
2 Aveeno Baby Lotion (79¢ each)
2 Aveeno Baby Wash (79¢ each)
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels (free)
1 Cascade Rinse Agent (free)
---I used a $5 off purchase coupon (printed from a previous transaction). So that took care of my 'overage' not covered by the doubled coupons. OOP ended up being $2.53 ($1.39 of it was tax)

But here's the mishap:
First of all, they were out of the Scrubbing Bubbles Kits, so I asked the cashier if it was possibly to check if there were more in the back. She was super nice and had someone look, but then the head cashier told me that once it's off the shelf it's gone. OK no biggie. So the cashier scans my 2 free coupons anyway (she was holding them to look at the product). I said no, they were for the kits that are gone, can I have them back please. She apologized, punched some buttons (supposedly voiding them ) then puts them in her drawer. Once again I asked for them, she said she could get them at the end. OK, scanning coupons scanning coupons....she gets down to my scrubbing bubbles gel coupons and they won't scan for some reason. She seems confused and says she can manually type them, ok. When she tells me the total I'm a little confused because it was lower than I anticipated (I carried a calculator with me to figure out everything). I just assumed I typed a number wrong or added something in extra and swipe my card (who's going to complain about lower??). So just as she said, she opened the drawer and gave me back my other coupons.

On the way back to the office I'm looking at my receipt and it is so wrong.
The 2 free coupons for the kits rang up with 3.50 off each (the price of the toilet gels); one of my Act Mouthwash coupons was missing. And my coupon for the Free Cascade wasn't on there either (both coupons she kept and filed with the rest of my pile). In the end, I got off the $7 for the 'free coupons' and the manually doubled toilet gel coupons. The missing coupons evened out from that , but I was so very confused on how it happened.

After work I went back, presented it to the Service Desk and basically they were like, she's gone for the day, her drawer is packed up and it looks like you got the deals you wanted anyway so oh well. I think the girl at the desk was thoroughly confused on how the whole thing happened, so it looks like I made out a little. And while I was there I figured I could fit in another trip!!!


Transaction #2CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Aveeno Baby Wash $4.79$2.00$2.00$ .79
Aveeno Baby Lotion $4.79$2.00$2.00$ .79
Satin Care Shave Gel $3.35$1.00$1.00$1.35
Skintimate Shave Gel $2.89$1.00$1.00$ .89
Clean & Clear Cleanser $4.49$2.00$2.00$ .49
Clean & Clear Cleanser $4.49$2.00$2.00$ .49
Clean & Clear Cleanser $4.49$2.00$2.00$ .49
Clean & Clear Cleanser $4.49$2.00$2.00$ .49
BIC Triumph Pens $3.99$2.00$1.99FREE
Playtex Gloves $1.97$1.00$ .97 FREE
tax:$1.07Savings Coupon - $5.00
Retail Total:$40.81tax$1.07
  TOTAL OOP:$1.85
% Savings:95.5%

Total OOP: $1.85 (1.07 of it was tax!)
I used another one of those $5 off purchase to cover the not free items.

I didn't realize until now, I thought the Gilette was $2.69. Those signs are not placed very well!!!


~Mo~ said...

wow love all your deals that you were able to get! I made my first trip yesterday, they only aloud me 10 coupons, I thought they would only double 10 then any others they wouldn't double, but she told me 10 total. Then the register doubled coupons that said no doubling.

Savings Cravings said...

Thank you! I've had alot of fun getting my lists ready, but it was tons of strategy!

You should have been allowed to use more than 10 coupons; I'm sorry that your store was being stubborn. According to the 'rules' you can double 10; the rest should be accepted at face value. BUT the computer will actually continue doubling, so I guess that is probably why they were so steadfast on the 10 rule.

As far as coupons doubling that say 'do not double', anything with a '5' as the first letter on the barcode will always double when the computers at any given store are set up to do so! Pretty cool huh?

ilja said...

I got Satin Care shaving gel for $1.88 at Walmart.

Savings Cravings (Samantha) said...

Itja, yeah live & learn. Thanks for the info :) Was that price before or after a coupon?
I didn't realize that it was priced so high. In the grand scheme of things, I guess I saved elsewhere though.

ilja said...

I did not use a coupon for it.
And by the way where did you get a coupon for that.

ilja said...

Sorry for writing more but I would like to know where did you get the Ajax dish Liquid coupon.


Savings Cravings (Samantha) said...

Ilja, the Gillette coupon came from the P&G coupon inserts in early August (probably 8/2). It expired on 8/31 however.
The ajax coupon came from coupons.com (use zip code 85712)

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