Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kmart Doubles - 8/30 Trip #1

Total OOP: 79¢

Transaction #1CouponsDoubledFinal Cost
Ponds Facial Towelettes$2.50$1.50$1.00FREE
Pure & Natural Soap$4.49$1.00$1.00.49 for both!
Pure & Natural SoapBOGOF$1.00$1.00$2.49 (FREE)
Friskies Cat Treats$1.69$1.00$ .69FREE
Taster's Choice Singles$1.00BOGOBOGOFREE
Taster's Choice Singles$1.00  FREE
Taster's Choice Singles$1.00BOGOBOGOFREE
Taster's Choice Singles$1.00  FREE
Hunts Ketchup$1.00$1.00/2$1.00FREE
Hunts Ketchup$1.00  FREE
Snickers Bar$.89$1.00/2$1.78FREE
Snickers Bar$.89  FREE
Huggies Wipes$2.99$1.50$1.49FREE
Huggies Wipes$2.99$1.50$1.49FREE
Subtotal:$26.93Subtotal:$ .49
tax:$ .30tax$ .30
Retail Total:$27.23TOTAL OOP:$.79
  % Savings:97%


Heather said...

I love your layout. It's so easy to read!

Tiffany said...

i dont understand how the bogos end up 2 free. I am new to this.

Tiffany said...

and are you allowed to use a coupon more than once as the ad states only 10 coupons allowed per day?

Savings Cravings said...

Hi Heather, thank you!

Tiffany: Welcome to couponing! It's so much fun! The computer will double your BOGO coupon savings if the item costs less than $2. So since my BOGO item was only $1, it doubled my savings to $2, thus allowing both items to be free.

All coupons are surrendered at time of purchase, so you need to have one coupon for each item you buy, every time you buy it. And my store allows me to use 10 coupons per transaction, so I was able to do several transactions per day. (Some stores do allow you to use as many coupons as you have; or limit it to something like 25--which I would love my store to do)

Emelie said...

I really like your layout as well. (AND your kitchen backsplash!!)I too love to see awesome deals--and you are a PRO!

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