Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family Christmas Stockings for under $20!

Christmas stockings can be EXPENSIVE! At most stores (barring dollar stores) for basic ones cost over $10 each, and the more decorated they are they more expensive they become. I was searching for a set of modern style Christmas stocking for over a year now. Especially since we became a family of four, I wanted to have a nice set of stockings moving forward. I found a handful that I sort of liked on Etsy, but they were $35 EACH. We're talking $140 JUST for stockings. I couldn't justify that.

Finally I decided, I'm going to make them. Next decision. What design? I found this fantastic tutorial. I followed it with a few modifications. I didn't do a cuff, and I ironed the interfacing to the back of the colored parts. But it's so easy, even for someone with mediocre sewing skills like myself. I found a really cool design on a business card, and thought I'd mimic it onto our stockings. I love typography and this was bold and modern and perfect! So I found a font and made them the size needed to be clipped just right inside the stocking design. Then printed the stocking design and my "J", "A", and "S".

The total cost for ALL FOUR stockings? About $20!! I went to Jo-Ann fabrics for their Black Friday sale + picked a last minute switch at Michaels.

The colored parts are all from quilting "Fat Quarters" just a rectangular piece of cotton fabric. I was able to cut the front and back of the stocking from one square. Best of all they were 99¢ on Black Friday at Jo-Ann Fabrics! So that was $3.96 (+ .24 tax). This was cheaper than buying small amounts of fabric by the yard. And this way, all of them could be different.

The interfacing (kind of like batting) was $4.24 for a yard. Regularly $8.49, so that was on sale for 50% off.

The lining was a twill fabric at $4.99 for a yard. Regularly $9.99, that was also on sale for 50% off.

The letters are made from white felt, instead of the twill fabric I orginally planned on. The felt worked out better because it won't fray. That was $2.99 for a yard at Michaels, but I used a 50% off coupon so it was $1.50!

Finally, the letters are attached to the colored fabric with fusable webbing, the two packages I got cost me $4.

Grand total, $16.61! I had the ribbon and the thread on hand.

I'm so happy with them, and I'm even more happy to have saved all that money!


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