Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is Swagbucks? How to get started...

Search & Win

Swagbucks.com is an online site that offers MANY opportunities to earn a virtual currency called "Swagbucks" (SB). You can trade the Swagbucks in for a HUGE variety of rewards from stickers and gift cards to even gaming consoles!
Some of the ways to earn Swagbucks are:
  • Searching the web 
  • Watching Videos (Swagbucks TV) 
  • Voting in the Daily Poll (1SB daily for voting) 
  • Trusted Surveys (1SB daily JUST for visiting!) 
  • Completing Special Offers 
  • Using the Toolbar (1SB daily just for loading it) 
  • Entering SwagCodes 
  • Inviting Friends (You earn when they earn from searching!) 
  • Printing & Redeeming coupons
  • Playing games (Earn with tournaments)
  • Sending in Prize Photos and Videos
  • Shopping in the Shop & Earn Section 
  • Purchasing Daily Deals (Groupon, Eversave, Living Social, Mertado, etc)
  • Completing Tasks
  • Trade in electronics
One of the first things I suggest doing is to install Swagbucks as your default search engine or use the toolbar. Every time you need to search, use Swagbucks search. Swagbucks are randomly awarded for searching, so you never know when you'll get one! Learn more about the plugins and toolbar here: http://swagbucks.com/g/toolbars-and-plugins

Next, connect with Facebook. In your account settings turn on all the checkboxes. This will allow Swagbucks to automatically post to your wall when you earn from searches, earn from a Swag Code, get a new referral, redeem a prize, make a Shop & Earn purchase, or earn from trading in. All of these wall posts act as a referral link. Increasing your chances of getting a referral. Remember, with referrals, when they search & win, you earn the same number of Swagbucks (up to 1,000 SBs per person).  Learn more about connecting with Facebook here: http://swagbucks.com/p/fb-connect

Earn a minimum of 2,190 SBs a Year! 6 SBs daily

Earn 6 SBs daily, with very little effort:

Trusted Surveys

Visit the Trusted Survey Page each day and earn 1 SB. You can also see if you can qualify for any available surveys. The rewards for completing surveys varies. Also from the survey page, you can complete your Profile and earn points for each section (just once). This helps to target surveys.

Daily Poll

Vote on the Daily Poll each day and earn 1 SB. The questions are often user submitted, and are just for fun.

No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO)

Complete the offer path by signing up or skipping the offers. Enter a Captcha code at the end and earn 2 SBs!

Swagbucks TV

Earn 3 SBs for every 10 videos you watch. There is a HUGE variety of videos available within 7 main sections: News, Entertainment, Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Home & Gardens, and Health & Safety. 

Swag Codes

Occasionally there is a Swag Code available. This can be announced in the blog, chat bar, Twitter, Facebook, Swidget. Sometimes it's an easy copy and paste; sometimes it's a scavenger hunt. Once you get the code, paste it next to the "Gimme" button on the main Swagbucks page, on the right hand side.

You can periodically check the Swidget I have in my sidebar here in the blog to see if there is code. Try it now, click the "Swag Codes" button:

Earn then Redeem!

Once you start accumulating swagbucks, trade in for gift cards or other merchandise in the Swag Store.  
  • $5 Amazon gift codes are just 450 swagbucks, and you can redeem 5 of them a month. That is $25 of FREE Amazon money! 
  •  $5 PayPal Cash is only 700 SBs! 
  • $10 Starbucks gift card = 1300 SBs 
  • Jewelry, electronics, gaming consoles, gift cards, music downloads...AND MORE!!
Search & Win


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