Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Review: Orange Flavored Carmex Moisture Plus™

To answer the question....YES!!

I was so very excited to get the opportunity to try a possible brand new Carmex flavor, ORANGE! I'm a big fan of Carmex, and was very curious about this new flavor. So when I was given the opportunity, without hesitation I responded yes, please!

So for the last several weeks I have been wearing this every chance I got. It goes on smooth, with just a hint of orange. Nothing overpowering, just subtle enough to recognize it...just right. So I kept this with me throughout the day. I'd apply it when I needed it. But you know what...I didn't really need to apply it all that often throughout the day! It goes on and lasts, just like I have come to expect from Carmex products. My favorite would be when I would apply at night before bed and when I wake up my lips are noticeably soft. What I really liked was the fact it lasted through most of my day. Even if I was eating or drinking my lips still felt moisturized.

Moisturizes ✔
Long-Lasting ✔

So bottom line, I am VERY excited for the possibility of Carmex adding this flavor to their lineup. Great moisture and long-lasting and a great subtle flavor, what else could you want? Orange Flavored Carmex Moisture Plus™ has it all! Choosing Carmex is easy, but it would be difficult to choose between the original and this orange flavor.

So let me ask you...How would YOU feel about Carmex adding this to their product lineup?

I was sent 1 of these to test for this review. The opinnions and experiences described are my truthful, honest opinions of this Carmex product.


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