Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rite Aid - P&G SCR $25 Profit

Total prices before coupons: $106.34 • Total OOP: $10.43
EARNED: $35 Visa &bull $25 profit

Olay Ribbons Body Wash $7.49
Venus Spa Breeze Razor $7.99
Olay Quench Body Lotion $2.99
Satin Care Shave Gel $2.99
Puffs Tissue Cube 99¢
Pampers Diapers Jumbo Pack $8.99
Pampers Baby Wipes $2.49
Gain Detergent $4.99
Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries (2) $23.98
Nyquil $3.99
Always Infinity $6.99
Pampers Diapers Box $19.99
Dayquil $3.99
Olay Quench Body Lotion $5.99
Puffs Tissues $2.49


Kassie said...

Hey there. . . . I am a friend of marks and he has shared your site with me. . . what newspaper did you get the coupons out of? If you do not mind me asking

Samantha said...

I get mine from the Williamsport Sun Gazette (Pennsylvania). But I also print alot of them online and order any free sample I can find, lots of them include coupons too :)

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