Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rite Aid - 2/4

Cost: $1.46

Dove Men Care BW $4
Pampers Diapers $8.99 *P&G
Pampers Wipes $2.49 *P&G
Puffs $.99 *P&G
Gilette Satin Care $2.99 *P&G

-$5 off $20 (RA VV)
-$1.50 Dove (printable)
-$2.50 Pampers wyb both (home mailer)
-$1 Puffs (home mailer)
-$1 Satin Care (P&G insert)
= $8.46

SCRS: $4 (Dove); $2 (Pampers Diapers); $1 (Satin Care)= $1.46 OOP

P&G Total: $75.87 (before coupons)


Laura said...

I went to three Rite Aids looking for that stupid Dove stuff. I had a little list all planned out this week, and not a single one of them even had a spot in the shelf. I could have gone to two others, but I was quite frustrated.

Oh, and you're doing a fanstasic job! You've turned into quite the super-saver expert! I have Rite Aid pretty much mastered, but I haven't tried CVS at all yet. I'm a little intimidated by that whole Extra Bucks thing.

Samantha said...

The Dove was on an endcap, I looked for it in the aisle at first and almost left b/c I didn't even see a spot for it either.

I started with CVS, I find it wonderful because I hardly ever have to spend real money! The fact that EBs expire is kind of annoying, but if you're a weekly shopper you just keep rotating them and it's not an issue.

Now I find Walgreen's to be intimidating with their RRs and rules, but I don't even have one around me so oh well!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Laura said...

hmm I looked on some endcaps in a couple stores. I probably walked right by it and missed it. What a dumb place to put something without having it where it should be!

Part of my problem with CVS is that they were out of my way. Now with my new house, I will be driving almost right past one a few days a week, so I can add it to my weekly shopping list.

I never even looked into Walgreens. I've only ever been in those in Florida and Philly. If you're intimated, then I'm staying FAR away! haha

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