Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Since I've started couponing earlier this year after my son was born (March), I've really built up quite a stockpile of health & beauty items and some food too. It's really amazing to think of the deals I've been able to get and end up paying next to nothing! It's amazing to think of what I actually used to 'pay' for. It may seem a bit ridiculous, but I know I'm not going to have to pay full price for toothpaste or other oral care, deodorant, body wash, bandages, feminine products, contact solution....for a LONG time. Hopefully never again, if I can continue to do this!

Here are a few pics (click for larger).:
Most of the stuff here was free. Yep, totally free. Listerine and Always Infinity were 99¢; any other OOP was probably 50¢ or less. All put out (pre-organization a few weeks ago):



Baby Stuff:

Dish Soap:
Large bottles of Ajax were all totally free at Kmart! Smaller bottles of Dawn were free at CVS (after EBs). Cascade Rinse was free from the Home Made Simple coupon booklet.


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