Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Food Steal, I mean deal!

Total Cost: Approx $2!

While grocery shopping yesterday I saw that Wegman's had some Gerber baby food that was being discontinued marked down!

I got six 1st Food Purees (organic, nonetheless) at 32¢ apiece and used two 75¢ off 3 coupons (doubled up to $1!) so I actually got 8¢ overage. Then I also got eight 2nd Foods with DHA for 54¢ apiece; and used two 55¢ off 4 coupons (doubled up to $1). So I got half of them free.

I didn't think I'd get use those Gerber coupons (home mailer) since it is normally so expensive. But I couldn't pass up this deal!


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