Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CVS - Week of August 2

Proft: approx $8
I made several transactions to get all the above items. The OOP of 11¢ was basically some random tax amount that EB somehow didn't cover. I made about $8 profit from the Softsoap body wash [$5] (which I'm soooo excited to use!!) and Blink tears [$3] (not pictured). The aspirin was my FREE item via CRT. Plus, the store had the 8" scissors marked incorrectly to be receiving EB, and when I brought it to their attention, I was able to sub the 7" scissors for the deal because they were out of the 5"! I was overcharged somehow, and ended up receiving cash back as a return so I've got some random spare change plus my EBs. I should really have a good start to the next couple of weeks!


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